cubeSQL final candidate 1 reposted

May 6th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

Due to this issue with some serial numbers:

we just reposted cubeSQL Final Candidate 1.

This release requires a valid serial number in order to run, you can use this temporary one:

Name: DemoKey

or you can use the form to build your own developer key.

You can download the new version from:

2 Responses to “cubeSQL final candidate 1 reposted”

  • Oliver Osswald says:

    I have a REALServer license (for free updates) which is still valid until January 2012. REALSoftware once stated that this will be respected by SQLabs. Can I use the old key with the new Server or how do I have to proceed to get a valid key? I’m asking this here, because others might have the same question. Oliver

  • marco says:

    Hello Oliver, all the old REALServer licenses will be respected. In final candidate 2 cubeSQL will be able to detect all the old licenses too.

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