Announcing cubeSQL 4.3

August 29th, 2012 | No Comments »

We just released cubeSQL version 4.3 where we added SSL support, we fixed all know bugs and we improved overall performance. We recommend all our users to upgrade to version 4.3.

What’s new in version 4.3.0:

  • SERVER: Updated sqlite to version 3.7.13
  • SERVER: Added a new MAX_CONNECTIONS preference key to allow third party developers to limit number of allowed connections
  • SERVER: Fixed a rare issue that can affect old Windows distributions related to spurious console commands
  • SERVER: Improved UNC and Network paths handling under Windows
  • SERVER: Fixed a rare DOWNLOAD DATABASE crash bug
  • SERVER: Fixed a small log issue related to vm commands
  • SERVER: Added SSL support
  • SERVER: Added DROP PREFERENCE ‘key’ custom command
  • SERVER: Added ENCRYPT DATABASE dbName WITH KEY newKey custom command
  • SERVER: Added DECRYPT DATABASE dbName custom command
  • SERVER: Improved REMOVE USER FROM GROUP custom command
  • SERVER: Improved CREATE DATABASE IF EXISTS custom command
  • SERVER: Improved handling of UTF-16 encoded databases
  • SERVER: SET PREFERENCE BACKUP_PATH on Windows now correctly handle UNC and Network paths
  • SERVER: While disconnecting client now waits at maximum 6 minutes if a backup operation is in progress
  • SERVER: Added preference key SSL_CONNECTIONS_ONLY
  • SERVER: Fixed a realsqlserver.settings migration bug
  • SERVER: Fixed a bug related to MVCC turned ON and CREATE TABLE command when that table already exists
  • SERVER: Improved debug output for Windows Service events
  • SERVER: Fixed a rare Linux 32bit crash bug triggered by vmselect
  • SERVER: Added -q and -m startup parameters (cubesql -h for usage)
  • SERVER On some Windows distributions do not stop cubeSQL service if user disconnects
  • ADMIN: New icon
  • ADMIN: New SSL connection option
  • ADMIN: On Linux now checks if libgtkhtml is installed before opening the News panel
  • ADMIN: Other minor fixes and improvements
  • PLUGIN: New SSL options
  • C SDK: New SSL options

You can download you copy from:

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