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Version Description
1.9.5   October 27, 2013 Minor changes in Preferences and About.
New favourite handler.
UUID/GUID are now interpreted as BLOB.
Updated sqlite to 3.7.17.
Update internal database engines.
Other improvements and optimizations.
1.9.0   April 10, 2013 Fixed an issue with PostgreSQL conversion.
Updated mySQL engine.
Updated Oracle engine.
Updated mySQL engine.
Updated PostgreSQL engine.
Updated ODBC engine.
Retina support for MacOS X.
Updated sqlite to the latest version.
Other improvements.
MacOS X version now requires 10.7 or higher.
1.8.5   Sep 24, 2012 Fixed a port issue, hostname:port now correctly works.
Updated sqlite to version 3.7.13.
Updated ODBC engine.
Updated mySQL engine.
Updated postgreSQL engine.
1.8.0   Apr 05, 2012 Fixed a PostgreSQL related schema issue.
Fixed a FoxPro related issue.
Added an easy way to create a debug log file.
Upgraded sqlite to the latest 3.7.11 version
1.7.0   Oct 17, 2011 Fixed an ODBC related crash.
Improved Tables creation process.
Improved log output.
1.6.5   Oct 11, 2011 Fixed an issue related to DEFAULT values.
DEFAULT values can now be ignored.
Fixed an issue with Oracle databases.
Updated sqlite to version 3.7.8
1.6.0   May 06, 2011 Enhanced support for UTF-8 contents and mySQL databases.
1.5.6   Mar 08, 2011 Better support for Microsoft SQL Server.
1.5.5   Feb 07, 2011 Better support for reserved field names.
Fixed some issues related to postgreSQL servers.
Other minor fixes and optimizations.
1.5.0   Jan 12, 2011 Added support for ODBC databases.
Updated sqlite to version 3.7.3.
Other minor fixes and optimizations.
1.0.1   Nov 17, 2010 Fixed a bug related to default values.
Fixed an Oracle related bug (only in demo mode).
Better debug support.
Other minore fixes.
1.0.0   Nov 15, 2010 First public release.