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Version Description
4.8.1   November 13, 2018 Fixed a crash issue on Windows (when text was pasted).
Improved syntax highlighting.
Several other internal enhancements and fixes.
4.8.0   October 22, 2018 Update sqlite library to the latest 3.25.2 version.
Improved HiDPI support.
Improved Windows support.
Added 64bit support.
Several other internal enhancements and fixes.
4.7.0   August 22, 2017 Fixed several crash issue.
Improved HiDPI support.
Improved Windows support.
Updated internal sqlite library.
Updated FTC.
Several other internal enhancements and fixes.
4.6.8   December 01, 2016 Fix for WITH queries.
Updated FTC.
Fix a crash issue.
Improved HiDPI support.
New Windows 64bit build.
Several other internal enhancements and fixes.
4.6.6   September 23, 2016 Fixed an invalid signature on MacOS.
4.6.5   September 19, 2016 Performance enhancements.
Updated FTC to the latest 3.1.6 version.
Fixed an issue in HexEdit mode.
Fixed a parsing issue that could lead to a wrong constraint table type.
On Mac windows positions and size associated to each local database are now preserved.
If database contains some data then default to Data tab on open.
Various fixes and improvements.
4.6.0   June 17, 2016 Improved SQL parser engine.
Improved support for SQLCipher encrypted databases.
Improved support for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Updated sqlite to the latest 3.13.0 version.
Updated SQLCipher engine to the latest 3.4.0 version.
Other improvements and fixes.
4.5.0   October 07, 2015 Improved CSV parser engine.
Improved support for SQLCipher encrypted databases.
Updated sqlite to the latest version (patched to prevent corruption after VACUUM on encrypted databases).
Fixed an issue in InfiniteListbox.ComputeProperties that leads to an overlap between the scrollbar and the canvas and that leads to a most critical Paint event continuously called. This slow down has finally be solved.
Other improvements and fixes.
4.3.5   October 28, 2014 Improved SQLCipher support.
Updated sqlite to the latest 3.8.7 version.
Fixed a delay issues while typing in the SQL pane.
Added a preference to disable syntax highlight in SQL pane.
Some RecordEditor improvements.
Better error reporting.
Fixed some issue in the Dump command.
4.3.3   September 08, 2014 Improved SQLCipher support.
Fixed some printing issues.
Fixed issue with dump command and encrypted databases.
Fixed issue with add/change/remove encryption commands.
4.3.0   July 07, 2014 Added support for SQLCipher encrypted databases.
Fixed clustered primary keys in Table design.
Several issues fixed.
Other improvements.
4.2.11   May 08, 2014 Several issues fixed.
4.2.10   May 07, 2014 Several issues fixed.
Restored ALT/CRTL + RETURN shortcut in SQL pane.
Minor improvements.
4.2.9   April 09, 2014 Added Export query in SQL pane.
Fixed a Foreign Key issue in some custom alter table commands.
Fixed some CSV import issues.
Updated underline text engine.
Updated sqlite to the latest version.
Other small issues has been fixed.
A lot of other improvements.
4.2.7   October 21, 2013 Added Hex display for BLOB when no image representation can be derived.
Fixed an SQL Data export issue with cubeSQL.
Other small issues has been fixed.
4.2.6   August 02, 2013 Improved speed in InfiniteListBox.
Tables are now correctly altered in cubeSQL.
Fixed an issue with Inline Data Editor.
Other small issues has been fixed.
4.2.5   July 29, 2013 Restored sort by column header.
Fixed an issue with columns filters.
Better escape when importing.
Improved column escape algorithm.
ESC key now close popover panel.
A lot of small bugs has been fixed.
4.2.0   July 16, 2013 Added support for Application ID in Database Settings.
Added Lua examples (query and save to a file).
Improved performance when opening databases with a large numbers of tables/triggers/views.
Windows version now close properly when document is closed.
Tabs are now preserved in Lua scripts.
Updated sqlite to the latest 3.7.17 version.
Various bugs has been fixed in this version.
Various performance improvements.
Some other minor features added.
4.1.0   April 09, 2013 Fixed a vertical scrollbar issue.
Fixed an import issue into a new table where first row was not properly converted to column names.
Fixed an issue with new rows in Record Editor.
Updated sqlite to the latest version.
Added UNICODE61 tokenizer.
MacOS X version now requires 10.7 or higher.
4.0.9   March 09, 2013 Fixed a random MacOS crash on startup.
Fixed a Windows crash that occurs with BLOB images in inline editing mode.
Fixed duplicated filters issue in Data pane.
4.0.8   March 07, 2013 Added support for hex encryption keys.
Several bugs fixed.
Improved Export performance.
Improved Bug/Crash reporter.
Various performance improvements.
4.0.7   Feb 20, 2013 Fixed some Import related issues.
4.0.6   Feb 17, 2013 Fixed a startup crash bug for MacOS X 10.6.x and 10.7.x
4.0.5   Feb 17, 2013 SQLiteManager is now Retina ready.
Fixed a small Create Encrypted Database issue.
Fixed all Import related bugs.
Improved Export sql handling.
Fixed a Design pane resize issue.
Fixed several issues related to Data and SQL panes.
Fixed minor issues related to the Log pane.
Added tooltips for all custom buttons.
Data can now be sorted in the Data pane.
Added vertical scrollbar to source listbox.
SQL paste command now by default strip off style information.
A lot of more others fixes and improvements.
4.0.1   Dec 12, 2012 Fixed a couple of minor issues in Notes and SQL.
Improved string litelars handling.
4.0.0   Dec 11, 2012 First public release.
4.0.0b6   Nov 19, 2012 Fixed an issue with horizontal scrolling in Data and SQL listboxes.
Fixed a ForeignKey issue in table editor.
NULL values can now be inline updated.
Inline Editing has now the option to not automatically goes to next record.
Updated RecordEditor to behave more like SQLiteManager version 3.
Updated constraints icons.
Others changes and improvements.
4.0.0b5   Nov 13, 2012 Improved RecordEditor to better handle large text fields.
Popover preference is now automatically saved.
Improved startup Wizard dialog.
Fixed some view parsing issues.
Sorting now correctly works in the Data pane.
Filters can now be applied to Views in the Data pane.
Triggers can now be created also for Views.
Tables are now double quoted.
Fixed a crash triggered by wrong encoding.
Improved TAB supports in EditFields.
Various cubeSQL related issues fixed.
Others changes and improvements.
4.0.0b4   Nov 08, 2012 Fixed an issue with views in the Data panel (and rowid columns).
Fixed a view parsing issue.
Settings now has the option to change journal mode.
Fixed an issue that occurs when query tables with special names.
Database window has now properly icon and path set (on Mac).
Fixed various windows resizing issues.
Better buttons height on Windows.
Other minor changes and improvements.
4.0.0b3   Nov 07, 2012 Added 1024x1024 icon on Mac.
Windows are better placed on Win32.
Help tag in Wizard no longer hide cubeSQL information.
Verify panel has now an indeterminate progress bar.
Inline editing now refresh data when connected to cubeSQL.
Constraints transparency now looks better on Windows.
Improved algorithm to compute column widths.
Other minor changes and improvements.
4.0.0b2   Nov 06, 2012 Greatly increased performance while scrolling from a cubeSQL RecordSet.
Fixed a crash bug that occurs while scrolling from a cubeSQL RecordSet.
Fixed return values from Database lua class.
Fixed some issues related to Attachments window.
Fixed some issues related to Notes creation.
Detailed Analyser now works again on Windows.
Maximize buttons now active on Windows.
Updated sqlite to version
Updated analyzer utility.
4.0.0b1   Nov 05, 2012 First public beta release.