SQLiteConverter is the fastest and easiest way to convert your mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle* (natively) and a wide range of ODBC compliant databases (like Microsoft SQL Server, Access, FoxPro and many others) to sqlite. It combines a very intuitive interface with very powerful features so you can convert an existing remotely hosted database to sqlite in little time.

This solution is ideal even if you want to backup your remote data to a disk based solution using another relational database.

*Oracle 8i and above are supported and the Oracle OCS client 9i or later must be installed.

Powerful Wizard

Thanks to a very intuitive wizard you'll be guided step by step to 5 easy operations in order to completely convert your remote databases. The entire process obviously depends on how much data you need to convert but most of the time you'll be able to complete in few seconds.

Convert/Backup to a local sqlite database

SQLiteConverter is the ideal tool not only to complete a conversion between different DBMS but it is also the ideal solution to backup your remote data to another disk based relational sql database.

Favourites Manager

Instead of typing connection settings each time you need to perform a conversion, SQLiteConverter lets you save and manage your favorite hosts in order to speed up the entire process.

Table Selection

You always have full control over the conversion, you can decide to convert the entire database or just select the individual tables you want to backup.

Field Customization

You have complete control over the conversion even at field level. You can decide to remap an individual field (or a set of fields) to another sqlite datatype.

SQL Customization

If you don't want to remap individual fields and if you are an sql guru ;-) you can just edit the sql create table statements that SQLiteConverter automatically created for you. In this way you have complete control over the conversion process!

Real Time Progress Conversion

A real time panel will inform you about each individual table conversion and at the end of the process SQLiteConverter will notify you about how much time the entire conversion process takes. A log window will also report all the issues encountered during the conversion process.