SQLiteSync is a very powerful and easy to use application to compare, merge and keep in sync two sqlite databases and thanks to its underlying technology it is able to visualize the differences between millions of rows in few milliseconds.

SQLiteSync smart visualization technology is also able to detect BLOB columns and very large TEXT columns and display all of them in a preview panel. SQLiteSync is able to apply differences in data, tables, indexes, trigger and views. Synchronization code can be applied directly to the databases or an optional SQL text script can be generated.

Easy to use wizard

Instead of bother you with tons of options with SQLiteSync what you have to do is just to select two sqlite databases and every other option will be presented to you at the right time and in the right way.

Powerful visualization techonology

Thanks to its powerful visualization technology you can immediately understand what are the differences between individual rows and internal database structures (comparison between rows are based on the unique rowid built into every sqlite database).

Built-in BLOB parser

SQLiteSync is able to detect BLOB fields and instead to display tons of inline data it can easily preview the field in a separate panel: BLOB Preview

Built-in TEXT parser

Individual TEXT columns inside an sqlite database can be up to 2GB in size, SQLiteSync is able to detect very long TEXT fields and insted of display huge inline data it can easily preview the field in a separate panel: TEXT Preview

SQL script generation

You can decide to apply the differences inside the destination database or you can decide to generate an SQL script.

Detailed LOG

A detailed LOG panel is always up-to date with all the information retrieved from both databases.