I just want to assure you that we are working on the upcoming SQLabsServer and we just decided to include one revoluctionary feature that I am sure will shock you (in a positive manner of course).

While we are working on this new release we are still receiving inquires from people that are still using the rock solid 2008 version, so I am glad to announce that a new 2008r2 edition is in beta testing right now and it will be release pretty soon.

The new 2008r2 version will contain the following changes:

  • Updated sqlite library to version so you can use a much more modern and complete sql.
  • Fixed bug id #11686 (backup schedule).
  • Fixed bug id #9511 (UNC paths on Windows).
  • For security reasons we introduced common errors for wrong username/password, error is now 7055 for both (Wrong username or password).
  • Introduced a way to disable logins for N hours after X wrong attempts (default N is 4 and X is 3)*.

* You can set this values using some custom commands.

Stay tuned for future news.