cubeSQL 4.0b4

March 14th, 2011 | 3 Comments »

We just released the fourth public beta of our upcoming server. Please read the included ReadMe file for more information.

  • Added two new command line arguments -s -x (to specify settings file and data folder)
  • Command line -h prints server’s command line usage
  • Fixed some security related issues
  • Fixed a zlib issue on 64bit machines
  • Changed location of the log file under Linux
  • New REALStudio plugin
  • Expiration date set to April 15th, 2011

You can download the new beta from:

3 Responses to “cubeSQL 4.0b4”

  • jharris says:

    Looking good.. two quick questions:

    How long till ODBC will be included? I would like to connect with .net.

    Will there ever be any direct support for LiveCode(RunRev) other than ODBC?


  • marco says:

    ODBC will be release within few weeks, we think about a couple and with the version cubeSQL version LiveCode will be able to connect to the server via ODBC or via a shared library that we’ll distribute as part of our C SDK.

  • jharris says:

    Thanks marco,

    I will keep watching.

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