We recently released SQLiteManager 3.9.1 where we fixed an issue with UTF-16 encoded databases and we are working on version 3.9.5 where we would like to fix a foreign key issue bug in the alter table panel (if you have details or more information about it please send us a feedback).

You know that each time we receive a bug report we’ll do our best to fix it and release a new version as soon as possible. You know also that we don’t gain anything from bugs or from unsatisfied customers but last week a rude user purchased SQLiteManager from the AppStore and he leaves a very unfair review even if I asked him more details in order to be able to promptly fix the issue (I also offered him a refund).

Our AppStore sales are suffering a lot due to this rude review and we have no way (as developers) to reply to reviews and to explain true situation. If you find SQLiteManager useful please help us leaving a fair review at the App Store.

App Store link: macappstore://itunes.apple.com/app/id412443832?mt=12

Thanks a lot for your help and for your invaluable support.