SQLabs announce the immediate availability of the newer CubeSQL 5.7.2.

This version enhances custom commands and fixes some important issues related to SDK and Xojo plugin.

What’s new in this version:

  • SERVER: Added a way to control memory usage to avoid huge queries creation
  • SERVER: Added protocol information for each connected client
  • SERVER: Added FOR KEY variant to SHOW INFO and SHOW MY INFO custom commands
  • SERVER: Fixed an issue related to Freeware registration
  • SERVER: Fixed an issue related to RESET SCHEDULE command
  • SERVER: A lot of other improvements and internal bug fixes
  • MACOS: Updated Preference Panel
  • XOJO PLUGIN: Windows OpenSSL dynamic load issue fixed
  • XOJO PLUGIN: Fixed issues related to NULL values
  • C SDK: Updated SDK

Updated prices

CubeSQL was first announced in October 2010 (after the re-acquisition from Xojo Inc.) and since then we never touched our prices. With this release, we decided to revise prices and plans.

CubeSQL 5.7.2 is a recommended upgrade for all supported platforms. CubeSQL is available for MacOS X (32 and 64bit), Linux (32 and 64bit) and Windows (32 and 64bit).

CubeSQL 5.7.2 can be downloaded from: https://sqlabs.com/cubesql_download