SQLiteManager 3.7.0 just released

January 26th, 2011 | 5 Comments »

We have just released SQLiteManager 3.7.0.
It includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug that occurs when multiple rows was selected in the Manage panel
  • Added the ability to search for NULL values in the Manage panel
  • SQLite databases can now be saved with a .db extension
  • Fixed small issues related to editing fields in inline mode
  • Other small fixes and optimizations

We have also already submitted the update to the MacAppStore.

5 Responses to “SQLiteManager 3.7.0 just released”

  • Helma says:

    Dear Marco and colleagues,

    I’m a very happy customer and appreciate the regular updates. More specifically, of the latest changes, I am very happy with the NULL and not NULL criterion that is now available in the Manage window. But (wait for it, isn’t there always a but? :-)) in one aspect the upgrade seems to be a downgrade for me.

    It used to be that the Manage window would stay alive with the results of its most recent query if you switched to SQL window and back again. This was incredibly handy (for me)! But we’ve lost it now, which means that where I would have liked to look in the Manage window to see if an update command has had the desired result I can’t do so now.

    It was always a source of some frustration to lose a filled-out criterion when switching tables but I can see why this was done to prevent tragic errors.. I do very much hope that ‘Manage’ can get its memory back; stupidly I already upgraded on all my machines..


  • marco says:

    Hello, we strongly agree with you and the good news is that the functionality will be restored into the upcoming 3.8.0 version (a free upgrade).

  • Helma says:

    Thank you thank you!! (and look at the time stamps on the question and response! :-))

    One more tiny thing: when using LIKE, case sensitivity disappears. E.g. ..where token LIKE ‘Grass%’ would find ‘Grasses’ and ‘grassy’, whereas token = ” has no case sensitivity issue.
    I thought this was different before but I could be mistaken. And sorry if I’m bringing up things that are in a list of documented bugs somewhere on this site already!

  • marco says:

    Helma, this is not an SQLiteManager bug but a sqlite feature that you can turn ON or OFF:

  • Helma says:

    oops… thank you! I’ll get some advice locally on how to get this to work properly.

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