cubeSQL final candidate 1 is available for testing.

If no problems will be reported in the next days than this version will become the final release. Please note that this final candidate requires a valid serial number in order to run, you can use this temporary one:

Name: DemoKey

or you can use the form to build your own developer key.

Changes in this version:

  • SERVER: finished MVCC support
  • SERVER: minor fixes in the migration of the old realserver.settings file
  • SERVER: added a new custom command to get current database
  • SERVER: fixed a 64bit only bug in the MD5 function
  • SERVER: some changes in the SHOW INFO custom command
  • SERVER: wrong logins are now correctly reset
  • SERVER: backup folder path and databases folder path can now be changed in real time
  • ADMIN: fixed some issues in the Settings panel
  • ADMIN: added a database popup in the Console panel
  • ADMIN: re-enabled the Get Developer Key link
  • C SDK: small fixes to the header file for a better C++ compilation

What is still missed?

  • documentation
  • installers

You can download the new final candidate from: