cubeSQL new ODBC driver

July 9th, 2012 | 5 Comments »

Thanks to Jonathan Monroe from Actual Technologies we have another cubeSQL ODBC driver build.

The following issues remain:

  • indexes and primary keys are not returned
  • column nullability not returned for column descriptions
  • tables with date fields can’t be used as “linked tables” in MS Access
  • MS Word mail merge not yet supported
  • all text fields are concatenated together in PHP

You can download the new build in the cubeSQL download section. Please let us know of any issues you’ll find with this release.

5 Responses to “cubeSQL new ODBC driver”

  • Brandon Warlick says:

    Marco, I decided to give this latest ODBC driver a try, again. Using Windows 7 64bit, I was able to configure a SYSTEM DSN with the odbcad32.exe and then link a cube database to MS Access 2007. It seems to work good except for date fields. Actually, they work as long as you don’t attempt to edit or add a row.

    Is there any chance you could fix the date issue? This would allow me to finally dump mySQL and move everything to the CUBE!

  • Thomas S says:

    Hello Marco and anyone who reads this.
    I installed the odbc driver on Win7 32bit.
    Can somebody help me and give me just the basic code for VB6 to connect to the Cube Server?
    It would be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very kind.

  • marco says:

    Please take a look at the new ODBC ReadMe file available from:

    VB6 can use the DLL library or JSON over TCP.

  • Nenad says:

    Marco, when can we expect updated version that will allow us to edit or insert a new row into our database as Brandon mentioned earlier.

  • marco says:

    Nedan, as far as I know current ODBC driver works without any issue.
    Please download the latest version from:

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