cubeSQL 4.1.0b1

July 21st, 2011 | 5 Comments »

We are happy to announce cubeSQL 4.1.0b1 available from:

We changed many things in this release that’s why we decided to call it 4.1.0 instead of 4.0.5. We fixed all reported bugs and we’ll reveal a new hidden feature in the next beta. Please note that this version does not have an expiration date and it requires a valid serial number (or a developer key).

Here you go the details of all the changes:

  • SERVER: PING timeout is now a per connection property (and not a global property)
  • SERVER: Fixed a Linux memory leak
  • SERVER: Fixed a couple of possible crashes
  • SERVER: Foreign key support is now ON by default
  • SERVER: Fixed a crash related to custom plugins
  • SERVER: Added RENAME DATABASE custom command
  • SERVER: Added SET BASE64 REGISTRATION TO name WITH KEY value custom command
  • SERVER: Fixed a couple of JSON related issues
  • SERVER: Fixed some issues related to Win32 Service Manager
  • SERVER: Admin privileges associated to a database should now work in the same way as REAL Server
  • SERVER: Added support for Prepared statements
  • SERVER: Updated sqlite to the latest version
  • SERVER: Other small fixes and optimizations
  • ADMIN: Fixed a nil object exception in the Console Panel
  • ADMIN: Added the News Panel
  • ADMIN: MVCC enable/disable is now a button
  • C SDK: Added support for Prepared statements
  • PLUGIN: Updated SDK with some more client related functions
  • OSX: Fixed a crash in the OSX PrefPane

5 Responses to “cubeSQL 4.1.0b1”

  • Jerry says:

    Thanks for Prepared Statements!

  • Stefan says:

    Thanks for the great progress since RealSQLServer. CubeSQL is really a nice product!

  • Oliver Osswald says:

    I do have a problem when using the 64bit Windows Version of CubeSQL on Windows 7 Ultimate, with this REALStudio Plugin. There is a situation, where I query the database and I am not getting results back, while I can see the data when I use sqlite manager.
    When I move the same database to 32bit CubeSQL on Ubuntu Linux then everything works fine. I cannot yet reproduce the exact condition, but there might be a new problem, introduced with this beta… just for the records. I’ll let you know, once I find out more.

  • marco says:

    Oliver, please try with beta 2 we fixed a bug related to the REAL Studio plugin. Thanks.

  • Olivr Osswald says:

    Thanks! With the beta2 plugin I cannot reproduce the problem. It seems to be ok now.

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