We are proud to announce the first public beta version of the new upcoming server.

Beta notes
This is a beta version so it does not require a valid license and it does not require any developer key, it contains an hard coded expiration date set to March 15th, 2011.
Since this is a public beta we decided to skip the installation process (no installers are availables in this version) so you have to use the command line in order to start the server. MacOS X version is a fat 32bit and 64bit executables, while Linux and Windows versions are 32bit only (64bit support will be available in the next public beta).

What’s new
This new version of the server has a completely rewritten architecture that is able to handle and huge number concurrent connections. Thanks to the new architecture the server is now much more scalable and flexible. For each supported operating system, we now use a state of the art event API (kqueue on MacOSX, epool on Linux and asynchronous events on Windows). Thanks to this new architecture, the cubesql server is one of the few DBMS server out there that is able of solve the C10K problem (more on http://www.kegel.com/c10k.html).

Why version 4?
We developed the first commercial sqlite based server in 2005 (sqliteserver, our internal version 1).
As you probably know the server has been purchased by REAL Software and the first REAL SQL Server was launched in 2008 (realsqlserver was our internal version 2).
The next version after the REAL SQL Server was the REAL Server and it introduced a lot of powerful new features (realserver was our internal version 3).
In May 2010 SQLabs repurchased the server’s IP property and our team worked hard in order to be able to have a rock solid server with excellent performance, greater scalability, powerful features and all of this with a very intuitive and simple set up process. This new server will be branded as cubesql server and our internal version number is 4.

What’s next?
In the next beta version we’ll include plugins, the new REAL Studio plugin, the new C SDK, the new PHP plugin and the new ODBC drivers for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.
We should also be able to offer 64 bit executables for all the platforms we support and we’ll probably be able to activate the built-in lua scripting language and the built-in webserver.

You can download the public beta from: