We just released cubeSQL version 4.2 where we fixed all know bugs and we improved overall performance. This is a very important update and we strongly recommend all our users to upgrade to version 4.2.

    What’s new in version 4.2.0:

  • SERVER: Fixed an issue related to the DISABLE LOGIN custom command
  • SERVER: Token connect now honors clear/encrypt disabled login
  • SERVER: Fixed an issue related to double single quote in custom commands
  • SERVER: Fixed a crash bug that affects all platforms triggered by heavy load
  • SERVER: Added ADD LOG ENTRY custom command in order to allows client to add messages to the log file
  • SERVER: Fixed a Windows only crash bug
  • SERVER: Fixed a Windows only hang
  • SERVER: Fixed all the issues that triggers an incorrect “db is locked” error message (error 7055)
  • SERVER: Updated sqlite to version 3.7.8
  • SERVER: Running time for a developer key has been increased to 4 hours (was 2 hours)
  • SERVER: There is now a way to specify maximum number of backups to retain per database (to avoid disk is full error), in order to activate it just use the custom command: SET PREFERENCE MAX_BACKUPS TO value
  • SERVER: Fixed several JSON related issues
  • SERVER: Dramatically improved JSON queries performance
  • SERVER: A lot of others small fixes and improvements
  • SERVER: Updated C SDK
  • SERVER: There is now a native 32bit and 64bit DLL SDK for Windows native connections
  • PLUGIN: Timeout value is now properly honored. Set it to 0 if you want to wait MAX_TIMEOUT value (default to 900 seconds but you can change it via the SET PREFERENCE MAX_TIMEOUT TO value).
  • PLUGIN: Added support for REAL Server and REAL SQL Server protocol, just set the db.useREALServer As Boolean property BEFORE db.Connect.

You can download you copy from: http://www.sqlabs.com/cubesql_download.php