We have just update both our utilities, download your new version!

    SQLiteConverter 1.6.5

  • Fixed an issue related to DEFAULT values
  • DEFAULT values can now be ignored
  • Fixed an issue with Oracle databases
  • Updated sqlite to version 3.7.8

More information avaialable from http://www.sqlabs.com/sqliteconverter.php

    SQLiteManager 3.8.5

  • Numeric values in numeric columns are now correctly inserted as numbers
  • Fixed an issue related to ALTER TABLE and self referencing columns
  • Updated HexEngine in Record Editor
  • Added the possibility to change columns order during Index creation
  • Fixed an issue related to comments in SQL statements
  • Fixed an issue related to the ALTER TABLE command and cubeSQL
  • Fixed some issues in the Record Editor
  • Fixed UPDATE OF trigger creation
  • REAL (SQL) Server is now supported using the new cubeSQL plugin
  • Updated sqlite to the latest 3.7.8 version
  • Improved documentation
  • Others small changes and optimizations

More information avaialable from http://www.sqlabs.com/sqlitemanager.php