Working on SQLiteManager 4

January 18th, 2012 | 7 Comments »

SQLabs is started with SQLiteManager and it is our most successful product. It was first developed during 2003 and since then we created 3 major upgrades. There are a lot of new competitors in the market and we started the development of the new version 4 with just one target in mind, to develop the best sqlite manager application out there for any platform. There is no second place and there is no excuse, we just want to have the best sqlite GUI in the market.

We are now in later development and I think we should be able to have more details pretty soon.
We have also developed from scratch a brand new ListBox that is able to display an infinite number of rows and columns in just few milliseconds. This is a fundamental base control for the app.

Stay tuned for future news.

7 Responses to “Working on SQLiteManager 4”

  • Benoit says:

    Great !

  • Stefan Cyrus says:

    Hello Marco

    Will the new ListBox be avaible for REALStudio ?
    Currently I use StyleGrid form Einhugur (mainly for the >64 columns)
    but im not happy with this.

  • marco says:

    Stefan I am not sure, I need some more time in order to take a decision about releasing it.

  • Roy says:

    Will SQLiteManager 4 be a free upgrade for those that purchase SQLiteManager 3.8n?

    If not, what will be the pricing for SQLiteManager 4?


    • marco says:

      SQLiteManager 4.0 will be a free upgrade for user who purchased SQLiteManager starting from December 2011.
      For all other users upgrade price will probably be in the $29 range.

  • Oliver Osswald says:

    BTW: I can’t figure out how to clear the previous connections history from SQLiteManager 3.8.5 – or just to delete one entry out of it… will this be available in version 4?

  • marco says:

    Oliver, in 3.8.5 you can manage previous connections from the Preferences panel (in the Favorites section). In 4.0 you’ll be able to manage favorites directly from the main Wizard dialog.

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