After several months of development we are proud to announce the immediate availability of cubeSQL 5.5.

cubeSQL 5.5 is probably the most stable version we have ever released, it also includes several performance related changes that you’ll immediately noticed when compared to older versions. SSL support has been greatly improved and thanks to Tino Gruse from Roth Soft AG we now have a complete and detailed guide about how to Setup SSL.

Important Changes
With this version we also introduced some important changes related to pricing.
The freeware version key continues to be free but the number of concurrent users has been reduced from 3 to 2.

Pricing for versions (except unlimited connections) has been reduced:

  1. 5 users from $299 to $149
  2. 10 users from $399 to $299
  3. 20 users from $499 to $399

Special Offer
In order to try to incentivate the upgrade to this latest version we are offering (for a limited time) the unlimited version for just $99 (a $500 saving).
Don’t miss this opportunity!

Complete 5.5 change history:

  • SERVER: Improved sqlite native plugins detection
  • SERVER: Improved external database engine support
  • SERVER: Improved SSL support
  • SERVER: Improved JSON support
  • SERVER: Upgraded sqlite to version 3.10.2
  • SERVER: Fixed a corruption issues related to encrypted sqlite databases and VACUUM command
  • SERVER: Fixed several issues related to SSL connections
  • SERVER: Fixed several issue related to Windows
  • SERVER: Maximum number of shared databases is now a dynamic value that can be set from the command line
  • SERVER: Other fixes and improvements
  • OTHERS: Added new native PHP connector
  • OTHERS: Improved SSL manual
  • PLUGIN: Xojo plugin available for 64bit systems

cubeSQL is available for MacOS X (32 and 64bit), Linux (32 and 64bit) and Windows (64bit only).

cubeSQL 5.5.0 can be downloaded from: