as you know Xojo recently release version 2015.R3 with 64bit support.

I am happy to announce that we have updated our Xojo plugin to be both 32 and 64bit compatible, you can find the latest version from: http://www.sqlabs.com/download/cubesql/CubeSQLPlugin.xojo_plugin.zip

We also rebuild cubeSQL Admin application to be both 32 and 64bit compatible (using sources you can find on our GitHub) account. You can download the latest version from:

  1. Linux 32bit: Admin/Linux/32bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip
  2. Linux 64bit: Admin/Linux/64bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip
  3. MacOS 32bit: Admin/MacOS/32bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip
  4. MacOS 64bit: Admin/MacOS/64bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip
  5. Windows 32bit: Admin/Windows/32bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip
  6. Windows 64bit: Admin/Windows/64bit/cubeSQLAdmin.zip