cubeSQL Download

What's included in each package?

  • Core server
  • Admin application
  • Documentation
  • Some plugins with sample code
  • REAL Studio plugin
  • C SDK with sample code
  • PHP client with sample code

MacOS X download

MacOS X 10.6 or higher is required, this package includes both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  • MacOS X 10.9 or higher download this version (14.6MB)

    SHA256: 11b1e483395b29ed3ea67006a52692fc772d9d239d212214eee480f513c1d958

  • MacOS X 10.6/10.7/10.8 download this special version (9.6MB)

    SHA256: 18673e76dfd53bcc1d2d9ae56776ff15acfcff2fe6fee00c32d43e709abd14ee

Windows download

Windows VISTA/7/8/10/Server or higher is required, both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.

  • Download Windows 64 bit version (22.1MB)

    SHA256: 91ec934fa7d1597c63903a343149db8daa6777d105211a00aa7c4f41c245ec36

  • Download Windows 32 bit version (20.5MB)

    SHA256: fd2434204d4f2d2e7032cf17759cec18d2c512e19ad5cba4e34e3024e18ae258

Linux download

Linux kernel version 2.6.2 or higher is required, both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported. Please note that GUI Admin application is a 32bit application in both packages.

  • Download Linux 64 bit version (22.4MB)

    SHA256: ac83e3d8abee283fbaea8f1faf4c6178d7dfbefb466a337227fb03e7f05f4ee1

  • Download Linux 32 bit version (23.4MB)

    SHA256: acdaff42ec6a1cfb01b998dbe86a8f132b16cf269171af47e702eb6f7d9ca5c4

Special packages

cubeSQL complete (76.8MB)

SHA256: d00074e52445112f7a4f0ea1e2363c0e4219aaa5b5c00af8404a274b6192c285

If you need to embed the server and you do not need any installer, this whole package includes everything you need in order to customize the installation. This zip file contains cubesql server and admin applications for all supported platforms, plus documentations, plugins, connectivity modules and so on.

Xojo plugin

cubeSQL Xojo plugin for Mac/Linux/Windows (32bit and 64bit).
Xojo 2015r2.2 or higher is required.

Open source components

cubeSQL offers some open source components like the Admin application or the PHP connectors.

Latest cubeSQL Admin applications

Unsupported third party cubeSQL ODBC Driver

Unsupported cubeSQL ODBC Driver. Thanks to Jonathan Monroe by Actual Technologies Windows 64 bit users please read this post for important information.

cubeSQL Java Library ( 353 KB )

cubeSQL Java library sources.
Thanks to Rick Hofstede - University of Twente -

PDF Manuals