1. How much does cubeSQL cost?

    cubeSQL starting price is $149 for a 5 user/connections license, there are also options for unlimited connections license, redistributable licenses and also source code license. For more information please check the pricing section.
  2. Can I bundle cubeSQL with my application and resell it?

    Yes but you need to purchase a redistributable license.
  3. How does the redistributable license work?

    In this plan you are entitled to deploy an unlimited number of copies of cubeSQL with your application during a 12 month period for a fixed price. During this time period you may deploy new licenses and update any existing licenses you may have already deployed. When your 12-month plan ends all of the licenses you deployed during this period remain active, but you cannot deploy more copies of cubeSQL until you renew your agreement.
  4. Can I move my cubeSQL from one platform to another?

    The cubeSQL license is not platform specific. So, you can move your server from one platform to another, but you are only allowed to run cubeSQL on one platform at a time.
  5. Why should I use cubeSQL when MySQL is free?

    Like MySQL, cubeSQL is free for development. MySQL is free for internal and open source projects but (like cubeSQL) is not free for commercial deployment. If you writing software using MySQL that you will license to others for a fee, you must obtain a commercial license for MySQL. Check the MySQL web site for details:
  6. Can I access cubeSQL from languages other than REALbasic?

    Yes. cubeSQL can be accessed from PHP, C, JSON and any application that support the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard.
  7. What are the limits on the free developer license?

    The developer license requires you to restart the server every four hours. cubeSQL license prohibits using a developer license key for commercial deployment.
  8. What about REAL Server users?

    If your license and update plan is still valid then the upgrade to cubeSQL is free and you can just register cubeSQL with your old REALServer license otherwise you just need to purchase an upgrade plan. Please note that old REAL Server and REAL SQL Server serial numbers are automatically recognized by the cubeSQL server.