cubeSQL 4.1.0b2

July 25th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

cubeSQL 4.1.0b2 available from:

Server and Admin application are the same as b1, the fixed a bug in the C SDK and in the REAL Studio plugin related to encrypted connections.

cubeSQL 4.1.0b1

July 21st, 2011 | 5 Comments »

We are happy to announce cubeSQL 4.1.0b1 available from:

We changed many things in this release that’s why we decided to call it 4.1.0 instead of 4.0.5. We fixed all reported bugs and we’ll reveal a new hidden feature in the next beta. Please note that this version does not have an expiration date and it requires a valid serial number (or a developer key).

Here you go the details of all the changes:

  • SERVER: PING timeout is now a per connection property (and not a global property)
  • SERVER: Fixed a Linux memory leak
  • SERVER: Fixed a couple of possible crashes
  • SERVER: Foreign key support is now ON by default
  • SERVER: Fixed a crash related to custom plugins
  • SERVER: Added RENAME DATABASE custom command
  • SERVER: Added SET BASE64 REGISTRATION TO name WITH KEY value custom command
  • SERVER: Fixed a couple of JSON related issues
  • SERVER: Fixed some issues related to Win32 Service Manager
  • SERVER: Admin privileges associated to a database should now work in the same way as REAL Server
  • SERVER: Added support for Prepared statements
  • SERVER: Updated sqlite to the latest version
  • SERVER: Other small fixes and optimizations
  • ADMIN: Fixed a nil object exception in the Console Panel
  • ADMIN: Added the News Panel
  • ADMIN: MVCC enable/disable is now a button
  • C SDK: Added support for Prepared statements
  • PLUGIN: Updated SDK with some more client related functions
  • OSX: Fixed a crash in the OSX PrefPane

Working on cubeSQL 4.0.5…

July 13th, 2011 | 3 Comments »

We are currently working on a small cubeSQL update… we should be able to release a public beta version within few days. There will be some important changes in this release, some of them are:

– Fixed a crashes that can occurs after a rs.Update or db.InsertRecord statements
– PING timeout is now a per connection property (was a global property)
– Fixed a memory leak
– Added the RENAME DATABASE custom command
– Fixed a couple of JSON related issues
– Improved and expanded plugin SDK
– Some changes to the Admin application
– Updated OSX Preference Pane
– Added support for Prepared Statements
– some more changes…

This release will be a recommended upgrade for all cubeSQL users.
Stay tuned for future news…

SQLiteManager 3.8.0 released

July 6th, 2011 | No Comments »

We released SQLiteManager few days ago and the new update is already available on the Mac AppStore. In this version we tried to fix all the issues users reported in the past months and we tried also to improve some of the most important functionalities.
We strongly recommend to all our users to upgrade to this version.

Release notes:

  • Updated sqlite to version
  • Added native cubeSQL server support
  • Improved reserved tables and columns names handling
  • Added a new preference to hide/show full database paths
  • Improved SQL import/export capabilities
  • Improved Triggers support
  • Improved Table Editor with full foreign keys support
  • Rewritten Record Editor with much improved usability
  • Improved BLOB Preview (double click on a BLOB now opens the Preview panel)
  • Fixed a flick issue on Windows
  • Fixed an issue related to .shm and .wal files
  • RSReports has been updated to the latest 2010.2.2 version
  • Scripts and Plugins on Mac are now located inside user/Library/Application Support/SQLiteManager, on Windows XP are located in /user/Application Data/SQLiteManager and in Windows 7 are located inside /user/AppData/Roaming/SQLiteManager
  • A lot of other small fixes and optimizations

More information are available from: